Growing Your Venture

By August 3, 2021
launching a startup

Building a startup into a great company never gets easy.  Rather, it remains unbelievably hard, but in different ways over time.  Launching your product and securing your first rounds of funding are very important milestones to accomplish, but they really just set the stage for continued growth eventual long-term sustainability – if things work out like you hope.

Course Overview

I’ve helped grow some great companies and lead them into truly strategic partnerships, industry category leadership, IPO and acquisition exit.  This course incorporates tons of my personal hints, tips, tricks, and best practices for growing a great company.  It starts with strategy and planning before moving into customer acquisition, marketing, partnerships and much more.  Basically, it’s the closest thing to getting a mini-MBA in a short few hours.

All told, this compilation course is comprised of the following content:

  • 26 articles to read
  • 23 streaming videos to watch
  •   2 optional assignments to complete

Each module involves a logically sequenced set of steps and associated content to consume.  And you can pursue the learning at your own pace.  Scroll down to the Course Content section to see the lesson modules and associated topics included with this course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will understand the following (and more):

  • Setting and monitoring company goals
  • How to institute scalability into your company
  • How to prioritize and maintain focus on the most contributors to success
  • Establishing a management system
  • Compensating founders and employees during the early days
  • How to effectively acquire customers
  • Building, managing and compensating a sales team
  • Best practices for enterprise sales
  • Leveraging distribution channels
  • How to optimize your CAC, churn and LTV
  • How to best message and position your product
  • Optimizing demand generation
  • How to hack a trade show for optimal results
  • Pricing metrics and strategies
  • How to secure strategic partnerships
  • Negotiating exclusivity
  • Licensing your technology

Course Content

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