Launching and growing a great startup is unbelievably hard.  Join thousands of Founders Academy graduates that dramatically improved their odds of startup success.  Start with a free lesson trial or dive right into the full curriculum at your own pace.  But don’t wait to learn many valuable lessons from a seasoned veteran, active investor and best-selling author.


What is the value of more efficiently securing your first investors?  How much is it worth to avoid hours of legal help cleaning up for a rookie mistake?  How much less stressed will you be if you understand how to split up founder equity and compensate your first employees and advisors with stock?  These are just a few of the many important topics covered in Founders Academy.

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Funding the Early Stages

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  • Funding the Early Stages
  • Executing a Successful Series A
  • Pitching Your Company
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Launching Your Venture

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  • Idea & Business Plan Development
  • Company Formation
  • Initial Pursuit of the Dream
  • The Founding Team

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Growing Your Venture

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  • Strategy & Planning Tools
  • Startup Compensation
  • Acquiring Customers
  • Managing the Sales Function
  • Marketing & Pricing Strategies
  • Securing Strategic Partnerships
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