Investor Update Template

For monthly business updates to your investors and advisors

Convertible Notes Quiz

Test your knowledge of convertible note mechanics

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Cap Table Simulator

Model your cap table through multiple rounds of funding


MBO Template

For administering management by objectives (MBO) bonus plans

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Sales Commission Plan

A template for documenting and communicating your sales commission plan

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Sales Commission Plan Models

A template for two different types of variable compensation plans

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Stock Option Grant Guidelines

Suggestions for amount of equity to grant different levels of new employees


The Sumo Advantage

How to successfully team with industry heavyweights

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

A leadership fable that explains the most common struggles of working as a team

Strengths Finder 2.0

Discover your core strengths and ways to successfully leverage them

Running Lean

A process for quickly vetting product ideas and increasing odds of success

The Lean Startup

Methods for adapting and adjusting before it’s too late

Zero to One

A new way of thinking about innovation and finding value in unexpected places

The CEO Tightrope

How to master the balancing act of a successful CEO

startup cap table

Venture Deals

The definitive reference guide to venture investment mechanics and terms


Back-of-Napkin Company Assessment

Visually gauge your company’s progress towards validated learning

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Strategy Horizons Template

A template to facilitate strategic planning

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83(b) filing suggestions guidelines

83(b) Filing Guidelines

Guidelines for filing IRS Form 83(b), including requesting a file-stamped copy

Letter of Intent (Beta / Pilot Test)

A template for substantiating a test customer and their purchase intent

Letter of Intent (Partnership)

A template for outlining a verbally-agreed business partnership

Open Source Usage Policy

A template that communicates policies for incorporating open source

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Legal Archive Hierarchy

Suggested organizational folder structure for a legal archive

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Podcast Interview

Learn how acquisitions go down and how founders can avoid screwing them up

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Contracts Ledger

Keep track of important contracts information

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Reps & Warranties Checklist

Get ready for common disclosures and attestations required with an acquisition

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Due Diligence Checklist

Get ready for acquisition due diligence using this sample checklist

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Quarter-to-Date Progress Tracking Chart

A spreadsheet for monitoring weekly progress towards a quarterly financial goal

Video Interview on The Fire Show

Insights and tools to use during the earliest stages of startup idea development