Launching Your Venture

By July 25, 2021

The early, early days of any new startup are really difficult.  How do you know if your idea is a good one?  How do you develop a business plan around it and what is involved in actually starting the company?  If these topics and others related to launching your new startup venture are regularly consuming your thoughts, this course is just for you!

Course Overview

In this course, we start at the beginning to help you get things pointed in a right direction as early as possible.  But if you’re already into your startup journey, don’t worry.  This course will reveal numerous things you can still tweak, correct and optimize.  It’s never too late to get things right.

All told, this compilation course is comprised of the following content:

  • 25 articles to read
  • 10 streaming videos to watch
  •   3 optional assignments to complete

Each module involves a logically sequenced set of steps and associated content to consume.  And you can pursue your learning at your own pace.  Scroll down to the Course Content section to see the lesson modules and associated topics included with this course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will understand the following (and more):

  • How to develop a solid business plan and later validate it
  • Navigating the major stages of the new business viability lifecycle
  • How to size your market – TAM, SAM, beachhead
  • Working up a killer elevator pitch
  • Forming your company as a legal entity
  • How cap tables work and how they evolve over time
  • How to price your equity in the early days
  • Selecting the right attorney
  • Controlling your legal costs
  • Establishing an ideal company culture
  • How to run a clean business
  • How to optimize your bootstrapping phase and how to assess the ideal duration
  • How to avoid co-founder conflict
  • Founder and early employee compensation
  • How to select, compensate and maximize value from advisors

Course Content

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