Welcome to the Course!

Welcome to your new Founders Academy course!  Below are a few insights and recommendations to help you maximize your learnings.

Flow of Information

Each lesson within a course includes a sequenced set of articles to read and videos to watch.  Some lessons also include an optional assignment to complete.  The sequence of content to consume is based on the lesson producer’s recommendation.

You will find many articles that hyperlink to other articles.  It should not present any problems if you decide to read some, or all, of those linked articles as you come across them.  Just realize that some of them might already be included later in the lesson or have their key concepts covered in a video later in the lesson.


At the time of this writing, the learning management system used to create this course does not allow certain video controls, such as playing at a speed faster than 1.0x.  However, the average length of a Founders Academy video is only 19 minutes.


Like all of the suggested content within Founders Academy, the structured assignments are optional.  But even if they are not worked to full completion, reviewing them might serve as a good refresher of the newly learned topics.

Note Taking

Before diving into the first lesson topics, spend a little time thinking about how you want to capture and organize your notes for future reference.  Founders Academy includes tons of valuable insights, concepts and tidbits.

For those that take notes on their computer, it should be easy to embed hyperlinks to key articles and even copy segments of important text.  As for the videos, it can be helpful to capture the starting timestamp of an important concept you might want to review later.

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Now it’s time to dive in!!!