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startup board members

Early Stage Board Composition

Upon a startup’s incorporation, their attorney usually helps establish a board of directors (aka – the “board”), even if a solo founder is the only board member.  The company’s bylaws…

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startup cap table

Your First Cap Table

Upon incorporating your new startup venture you will have quite a few choices to decide among.  You might decide to read online articles like this one and then take matters…

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startup mistakes

Accumulated By-the-Book Debt Will Eventually Come Due

In the earliest days of a startup, the founders are hugely optimistic and driven.  But they also know about the low odds of reaching the point of having paying customers…

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first board meeting

Your First Board Meeting

When you first incorporated as a C-corporation, probably only you and your co-founder were named as board members. You never really had official meetings or voted on anything, that you…

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stock pricing

Pricing Your Stock in the Early Days

I get this question all the time from US-based startups: how should we price our individual units of equity (shares of stock for C-corps; units for LLC’s)  It’s a very…

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