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aspirin versus vitamin

Vitamin or Aspirin – Which are You Offering?

I don’t know who came up with this analogy but I’d love to thank them, because it’s a great way to think about your offering and its value proposition. Is…

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bonus round ceo

Is Your Co-Founder Already in the Bonus Round?

A collection of startup co-founders come into their new venture with a wide range of prior experience and success under their belt. It’s easy to imagine the various benefits of…

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so what rule

The “So What” Rule

I use this rule all the time when advising startups and early stage companies.  It has all sorts of sales, marketing and fundraising application, regardless of your company’s stage.  I…

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startup principles beliefs

Founding Principles – Do You Have Them?

As you’re getting started with your new company, possibly the last thing on your mind will be defining the principles you want to run your company by for years to…

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