17179Explaining the Land-and-Expand Sales StrategySales, Strategy & Planning
27140Common Causes of a Messy Cap TableFundraising, Getting Started, Governance & Capitalization
3712120 Investor Meetings and No Interest, Now What?Fundraising
47111Fundraising After a Sudden Market DownturnFundraising
57100Demystifying Investor Due DiligenceFundraising
67066When Service Companies Build a ProductFor Mentors & Advisors, Getting Started, Growth Phase, Strategy & Planning
77063Golden Rules for Acquisition EarnoutsMergers & Acquisitions
87039You've Decided it's Time to Sell the CompanyMergers & Acquisitions
96273Selecting an AttorneyGetting Started
10625320 Tips for Virtual Investor MeetingsFundraising
116219Of Course, Hardware is HardGetting Started
126178Mastering the 30-Minute MeetingFundraising, Getting Started, Growth Phase
136166Launching New Growth EnginesGrowth Phase, Strategy & Planning
146156Hiring Executives FirstGetting Started, The Team
156137The Day-in-the-Life ExerciseBusiness Development, Customer Acquisition
166094Fundraising During a PandemicFundraising
176074When Corporate Execs Advise StartupsFor Mentors & Advisors, Getting Started, Growth Phase, The Team
186064Your Series A Readiness ScorecardFundraising
196048The Unfair Stock Option Exercise PeriodCompensation, Getting Started
206013Early Stage Board CompositionFor Mentors & Advisors, Getting Started, Governance & Capitalization, Growth Phase
216010The Complexities of International ExpansionGrowth Phase
225995Major Milestones Along the Path to $100MGrowth Phase
235985Always on the Verge of Out-of-ControlGetting Started, Growth Phase
245864How to Part Ways with a Co-FounderGetting Started, Growth Phase, The Team
255845Selecting Your Sales Commission MetricCompensation, Sales
265821Startup Advisor & Board Compensation GuidelinesFor Mentors & Advisors
275645Loretta Lynn - DifferentiationFavorite Quotes & Stories
285378Aspirations, Exaggerations & Outright LiesFundraising, Getting Started
295331The Numerous Evolutionary Paths to Startup GreatnessGetting Started
305273Get Your Strategic Partner to Fund Your R&DBusiness Development
315251Threading the Needle for a Successful Pre-Seed RoundFundraising
325222Getting Maximum Credit from Your Enterprise TrialsFundraising, Sales
335193Your First Cap TableGetting Started, Governance & Capitalization
345173Accumulated By-the-Book Debt Will Eventually Come DueGetting Started, Governance & Capitalization, Growth Phase
355113Series A Sweet Spot Combines Size & SlopeFundraising
365080Build a Company - Not Just a ProductGetting Started
375081Your Initial Business Plan is a Huge List of AssumptionsGetting Started, Strategy & Planning
384642Nikola Tesla - Foretelling a Wireless, Connected FutureFavorite Quotes & Stories
391105Extreme Value PricingMarketing, Strategy & Planning
404755Daugherty - The Grass Isn't GreenerFavorite Quotes & Stories
411108Favorite Trade Show HacksBusiness Development, Marketing
424275Daugherty - ChurnFavorite Quotes & Stories
434817A.I. Will Revolutionize the Marketing FunctionMarketing
444584Negotiating Valuation with InvestorsFundraising
454225Henry Ford - ForetellingFavorite Quotes & Stories
461119You're Not As Good at Sales As You ThinkGetting Started, Sales
471116A Model For Career SuccessUncategorized
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504305Don't Fall Into the Fundraising ChasmFundraising
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524018Mock Crisis to Maintain a Well-Oiled MachineStrategy & Planning
533858The New 4 P's of MarketingMarketing
543808The 8 Personas of Successful Entrepreneurs - Which Are You?Getting Started, The Team
553605Edison - PersistenceFavorite Quotes & Stories
563697A Startup's Most Valuable ResourceFundraising, Getting Started, Growth Phase, Strategy & Planning
573679Using Verbal Commits to Secure Your First InvestorsFundraising
583640Importance of the Time-to-Value MetricGetting Started, Growth Phase
593158Roddick - AchievementFavorite Quotes & Stories
603591A Series A Isn't Just a Large Seed RoundFundraising
613487Tell Me Your Price and I'll Tell You My TermsBusiness Development, Fundraising, Mergers & Acquisitions
623167What You Should Know About Equity CrowdfundingFundraising
633022Churchill – OptimismFavorite Quotes & Stories
643138Preparing for a Pitching EventFundraising
653007Eisenhower - PlanningFavorite Quotes & Stories
662961Licensing Your TechnologyBusiness Development
672929Defending Your MVP or Prototype Stage with InvestorsFundraising
682898Colten - ImitationFavorite Quotes & Stories
692766Bridging a Gap Using a Convertible NoteFundraising
702726Is a Startup Accelerator Right for You?Getting Started
712636Expanding Beyond Your Home Market (Marketplaces)Getting Started, Growth Phase
722574Intro to Enterprise SalesSales
732192Ben Franklin - PlanningFavorite Quotes & Stories
742524Approached for Acquisition – Now What?Mergers & Acquisitions
751121Golden Rules For Really Tough TimesGetting Started, Strategy & Planning
762436The Hidden Value of Embedding With Your Strategic PartnerBusiness Development
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782388Startup Lessons from Mother GooseUncategorized
792288Startup Lessons from Dr. SeussUncategorized
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832196Hiring Your First Sales ProfessionalSales, The Team
842108Misuse of Open Source Software Can Kill Your Acquisition ExitGetting Started, Mergers & Acquisitions
852042Mark Twain - VigorFavorite Quotes & Stories
86202310 Ways to Improve Website Conversion RatesCustomer Acquisition, Marketing
871978A Secret to Securing a Strategic PartnershipBusiness Development
881886Investors Write Checks for Outcomes, Not ActivitiesFundraising
891874Your First Board MeetingGetting Started, Governance & Capitalization, Growth Phase
902049Friedrich Nietzsche - StrengthFavorite Quotes & Stories
911806Establishing a Management SystemGetting Started, Strategy & Planning
921774Sizing Your MarketFundraising, Getting Started, Strategy & Planning
931743A Tale of Two Acquisitions - Part 2Mergers & Acquisitions
941699A Tale of Two Acquisitions - Part 1Mergers & Acquisitions
951620The Dilemma of the Startup CTO TitleGetting Started, The Team
961562Founder & Early Employee CompensationCompensation, Getting Started, The Team
971549Setting the Max Authorized Amount on Your Convertible NoteFundraising
981515Documenting Your Sales Compensation PlanCompensation, Sales
991503Pricing Your Stock in the Early DaysGetting Started, Governance & Capitalization
100149710 Tips for Controlling Legal CostsGetting Started, Growth Phase
1011478Extending Your Convertible NoteFundraising
1021461Cool Code NamesStrategy & Planning
1031374Prioritizing Your Product RoadmapGetting Started, Strategy & Planning
1041367When Offered Help, Be ReadyGetting Started
1054816Visualizing the Interactions Between CAC, Churn and LTVGrowth Phase, Strategy & Planning
1061264Tools for Maintaining FocusStrategy & Planning
1071279A Variant of the Straight Line Sales Commission PlanCompensation, Sales
1081274Absolute Versus Relative Sales Commission PlansCompensation, Sales
1091249MBOs DemystifiedCompensation, Growth Phase
1101241Answering the "Exit Strategy" QuestionFundraising, Getting Started, Mergers & Acquisitions
1114814Comparing Yourself Publicly to the Market LeaderMarketing
1124815The "Yeah, Right" RuleFundraising, Getting Started
1134813Comparing the SAFE to Convertible NotesFundraising
1144812Optimize Free Trial Conversions via NurturingCustomer Acquisition
1154811Establishing Valuation Before Revenue TractionFundraising, Getting Started
1164810Revealing Excessive Info Before Getting an Acquisition LOIMergers & Acquisitions
1174809An Unfair Advantage All Startups Have Against Big CompaniesGetting Started, Strategy & Planning
1184805Selecting an AdvisorGetting Started, The Team
1194806Compensating an AdvisorCompensation, Getting Started, The Team
1204807Maximizing Value From Your AdvisorGetting Started, The Team
1214804Da Vinci - SimplicityFavorite Quotes & Stories
1224803Your Elevator Pitch Only Needs to Accomplish One ThingFundraising, Getting Started
1234808Unknown - PreparationFavorite Quotes & Stories
1244800Investors' Research Varies Widely Before Making a DecisionFundraising
1254801Evolution of Marketing Roles in the New EraMarketing
1264799Get the Strategic Partner to Come After YouBusiness Development
1274798Keller - A Turn in the RoadFavorite Quotes & Stories
1284797Increasing Webinar AttendanceCustomer Acquisition, Marketing
1294796Try Strategy Horizons Versus a TimelineStrategy & Planning
1304795Exclusivity - Run Away or Embrace?Business Development
1314794Justifying the Valuation Cap Amount in Your Convertible NoteFundraising
1324793How Much Funding to Raise for Your StartupFundraising
133734Use Storytelling to Describe the Problem You SolveFundraising
1344792Typical Pitch Deck Flow (Topic Order)Fundraising
1354791Build Out a Channel By Swimming Upstream From Your DealsBusiness Development, Customer Acquisition, Sales
1364776"Don't Waste Time on a Business Plan" Doesn't Mean Don't PlanGetting Started, Strategy & Planning
1374790A Quote Defining LuckFavorite Quotes & Stories
1384777The Difference Between Growth and ScalabilityGrowth Phase, Strategy & Planning
1394789Co-Marketing ExplainedBusiness Development, Marketing
1404788Convertible Note BasicsFundraising
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1424778PR is Dead - Or Is It?Marketing
1434785Thought About Raising Your Prices Lately?Growth Phase
1444784When Prospective Investors are Looking for PredictabilityFundraising
1454787Wayne Gretzky - Take the ShotFavorite Quotes & Stories
1464783More BD Resources = More ChaosBusiness Development, The Team
147455Consider Everything Short of a "Yes" a "No"Business Development, Customer Acquisition, Fundraising, Sales
1484781Why Use a GPS When a Compass Will Do?Getting Started, Growth Phase, Strategy & Planning
1494780A Simple Back-of-Napkin Assessment of Company ProgressGetting Started, Growth Phase, Strategy & Planning
1504772Shakespeare - Cowards, Valiants & DeathFavorite Quotes & Stories
1514771Getting to Closure with an Interested InvestorFundraising
1524770Having Trouble Raising Money?Fundraising
1534769Don't Accidentally Kill Your Future Acquisition ExitGetting Started, Mergers & Acquisitions
1544775Avoiding Co-Founder ConflictGetting Started, The Team
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1574765Bobby Knight - Will to WinFavorite Quotes & Stories
1584773Improving the Quality of Your Marketing ContentMarketing
1594763You Never Know What Operational Metrics You'll Need - So Instrument EverythingGetting Started, Growth Phase, Strategy & Planning
1604761Stuck at 75% of Your Fundraising Goal - Now What?Fundraising
1614759Inbound Marketing Explained (Infographic)Customer Acquisition, Marketing
1624758Prospects Take Themselves Through 60% of the Sales JourneyCustomer Acquisition, Marketing
1634757Applying Lean Startup Principles to Your Sales ModelCustomer Acquisition, Sales
1644756Is Your Website Enabling Sales?Customer Acquisition, Marketing
1651236Unknown - Story About an OpportunistFavorite Quotes & Stories
1661235The Domino Effect of FundraisingFundraising
1671234Mark Twain - FatherhoodFavorite Quotes & Stories
1681233Vitamin or Aspirin - Which are You Offering?Customer Acquisition, Getting Started, Marketing
1691232Are You Selling Your Company or is Someone Buying It?Mergers & Acquisitions
170161Is Your Potential Co-Founder Already in the Bonus Round?Getting Started, The Team
1711231Voltaire - Ideas of the TimeFavorite Quotes & Stories
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1731227The "So What" RuleFundraising, Getting Started
1741225George Patton - SuccessFavorite Quotes & Stories
1751223Why Participate in a Pitching Event?Fundraising
1761224Founding Principles - Do You Have Them?Getting Started
1771222Steve Jobs - FocusFavorite Quotes & Stories